Why Every CRE Broker Should Consider Becoming an Alliance Int Member

Why Every CRE Broker Should Consider Becoming an Alliance Int Member

Many brokers have asked us for more information about the benefits of joining our Alliance International. With that being the case, we have decided to publish this blog post, to help answer that question. The reality is, there are plenty of great reasons for a CRE broker to join our commercial real estate platform. For this blog post, we explain just a few of the greatest benefits you will receive when joining our platform.

Why CRE Broker Should Consider Joining Alliance

Depending on your brokerage’s size and your experience, you may come across additional benefits. Those listed below are some of the most common ones our members report to us. No matter the size of your team or your level of experience, any brokerage is sure to experience the benefits of joining our platform. For more information on our platform benefits, please visit our membership website.

Increase Your Credibility as a CRE Broker

One of the greatest benefits of joining our commercial real estate platform is the credibility it gives you. Just like with commercial real estate franchises, having a large name next to your own is very helpful as a broker. When you have “Alliance International” tied to your brokerage, it sets you apart from your competitors. Alliance International is a very well established and reputable platform, and being a member is an excellent boost to credibility with prospective clients. With that being said, clients tend to gravitate towards our members. This is because people typically choose to work with a CRE broker who is highly experienced and well-known. This is something many independent brokerages struggle with. And, this also dovetails nicely into the next point.

Get Enhanced Proposals

Alliance International has been a part of some of the largest commercial real estate transactions in the world. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to close large deals, and we are happy to pass this knowledge down to our members. Those who become part of our commercial real estate platform have access to resource, which can enhance and push their proposals to greater effectiveness than that of their competitors. Ultimately, these proposal enhancement resources can also help you make more money as a broker.

Get More Exposure for Your Brokerage

As an Alliance International member, you will get much more exposure for your brokerage. Our team is very eager to refer their clients to other brokers when presented with the opportunity. Other members of our platform will refer their clients to you if you are in a city, state, or country they do not operate in. Joining our platform is one of the easiest ways to get more exposure while putting in very little work. When you join the Alliance International platform, you can feel confident that you have people on your side who are more than happy to send opportunities your way, when possible.

Receive Marketing Services and Resources

As a CRE broker, you likely know how important marketing is for your brokerage. However, some of these marketing tools can be very expensive. This is why we offer marketing tools and resources to those who partner with us. When we market our brand, we simultaneity promote your brokerage. If you have any questions about marketing your commercial real estate brokerage, we can help. Equipped with years of experience, our team will be more than happy to help you see success with your marketing.

Have International Platform Support

Another great benefit of joining our commercial real estate platform is the support we give our members. If you ever have any questions, we are here to help you. From our great experience, we will give you the advice and support you need. You will also receive regular support and valuable information from our regularly scheduled conference calls. At the time of this blog post, these calls currently take place twice a week. When you join our platform, you will be confident and supported as a broker.

Join our Commercial Real Estate Platform!

You can receive all of the benefits listed above at the lowest rate in the commercial real estate platform industry. If you are interested in joining Alliance, now is the best time to do so. We are looking to add 181 offices to our platform internationally this year. So, if you want to experience some of the benefits listed above, please ask us about joining. We look forward to hearing from you!

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What you need to know about Triple Net Leases

What you need to know about Triple Net Leases

In real estate, every property and every transaction are unique. It’s important to become familiar with the various kinds of commercial and industrial leases to best serve your specific interests. Keep reading for a basic overview on industrial triple net leases.

What Is A Triple Net Lease?

Generally, a net lease is a common agreement entered into by commercial and industrial landlords and tenants where the tenant bears the cost for some or all of the expenses that are traditionally covered by a landlord. These expenses are paid in addition to a calculated base rent and may include the cost of real estate taxes, operating expenses, utilities, and insurance. A triple net lease, or a “net-net-net” lease, is usually used when a single tenant leases an entire industrial property and agrees to cover all of the additional expenses mentioned above. Tenants will typically pay these expenses monthly based on a landlord’s estimate of yearly costs.

Why Should a Landlord Consider a Triple Net Lease?

Industrial triple net leases are fairly common and generally favor landlords as they manage risk and ensure a property’s profitability. Triple net leases reduce the effects of inflation by shifting any increase in property tax, insurance premiums, and operating expenses onto the tenant. This allows industrial landlords to manage their expectations for a fixed net return and reduce the risks associated with potential expense increases. These arrangements can also relieve the landlord from its duty to maintain and repair the premises and are great for someone looking to make a more hands-off investment in real estate.

Are there Benefits for Tenants in a Triple Net Lease?

A triple net lease can be the right option for a very specific kind of tenant. This lease will best serve a large sophisticated industrial tenant who knows the business and is looking to lease either a large portion or the entirety of a property. These tenants will have more bargaining power and may be able to negotiate a lower base rent. A tenant in a triple net lease may also customize their space and generally operate with more freedom than they would have otherwise in a traditional lease.

Disclaimer: The material and information contained in this article are for informational purposes only. You should not rely on the material or information for making business, legal, tax, or any other decisions.

What is an Industrial Gross Lease?

What is an Industrial Gross Lease?

An industrial gross lease which is sometimes referred to as a modified gross lease is a type of lease commonly used for industrial properties. These leases are meant to be mutually beneficial to property owners and industrial tenants. In an industrial gross lease, the tenant is responsible for some, but not all operating expenses incurred at the property. Typically, the operating expenses will be factored into one monthly payment to the landlord in addition to the agreed upon rent.

The term industrial gross lease has broad meaning, and these are usually heavily negotiated to fit the specific needs and wants of the landlord and tenant at each site. This is an attractive arrangement for industrial tenants who wishes to make a single payment to the landlord for operating expenses as opposed to assuming complete responsibility like in a triple net lease.

Pros and Cons of an Industrial Gross Lease

An industrial lease arrangement offers advantages to both property owners and tenants. Property owners can minimize their financial risk by having tenants assume partial responsibility for operating expenses. An industrial gross lease offers tenants a location for their business and extended controls without assuming all of the risks and expenses associated with being a property owner.

Property owners and investors should keep in mind that an industrial gross lease arrangement will require them to oversee and manage the property and assume most of the financial responsibilities related to being a landlord. An industrial gross lease is not the most hands off arrangement for a property owner who wishes to limit their involvement in managing their property. Tenants should consider whether they have the financial means to make the increased rent payments each month covering some of the property’s operating costs.